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Since 2012, Mugg & Bean has been working with Cupcakes of Hope to brighten the lives of families and children affected by childhood cancer. Cupcakes of Hope is a non-profit organisation with a simple and noble objective: Raising awareness and funds for the families of children diagnosed with cancer. Purchase a Giant Muffin to help us support them, or make your own generous donation online.

For every Famous Giant Muffin bought between 15 September and 15 October 2021, R5 will be donated to Cupcakes of Hope. The donations usher children from a world of doctor’s appointments and long hospital stays to one filled with the simple joys of childhood.

With every Famous Giant Muffin purchased by you, children like Lindo (diagnosed with extrarenal MRT) get to enjoy the simple pleasures of making vroom-vroom noises with their toy cars. Children like Mia-Lee (diagnosed with nerve cancer) take one step closer to being a master baker. Simply put, your donations give kids fighting cancer the chance to just be kids.

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Grab a Giant Muffin at any M&B
to help kids with cancer

There’s a lot to love about Mugg & Bean’s Famous Giant Muffins. They’re convenient, delicious, easy to snack on when you’re in a rush, and they only come in one size: Generous. The jury’s still out on whether they’re a breakfast food or a treat, but one thing’s certain: Famous Giant Muffins are a golden-crusty-on-the-outside-and-moist-on-the-inside work of freshly baked goodness.

Think back to the cartoons you used to watch when you were younger. Remember when a cartoon character’s head would swivel to follow a delightfully wispy aroma trail? Mugg & Bean’s Famous Giant Muffins tend to have the same effect. Attempts to order ‘just a coffee’ fall apart pretty quickly at the sight and/or smell of a Famous Giant Muffin. So, the next time you head to a Mugg & Bean near you, don’t be surprised when you can’t resist the urge to grab their trademark baked treat.

But besides the obvious endorphin rush that follows a few bites of a Famous Giant Muffin, there’s another reason to indulge in everyone’s favourite baked treat. Adding a Famous Giant Muffin to your cart can actually go a long way towards helping families affected by childhood cancer.

We pride ourselves on being the home of generosity. You always get more than you bargained for with every order. But that generosity isn’t limited to the size of our signature pick-me-ups; it’s also extended to those who could benefit from the greatest gift of all – more time to be a kid.

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We’re calling on
your generosity

Childhood cancer stats paint a grim picture. Up to 1 000 kids in South Africa are diagnosed with cancer every year. To make matters worse, more than half of the kids with cancer are never diagnosed. The financial and emotional toll of such a diagnosis puts a massive strain on a family, with many not sure how to chart a way forward.

So, what seems like a small donation to some, makes a huge difference to families in need. If you’ve ever needed another reason to enjoy a Famous Giant Muffin, you just found one.

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