Meet Alesandro – a brave young boy who is currently in remission for spinal Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He was diagnosed at age 12 and it took an intensive 6 months of chemotherapy and 14 tough days of radiation to get him to this point.

His mom, Charlene, remembers how difficult it was to see her child receiving treatment and how sick he got in the car coming back from the hospital. But with a bit of hope and faith, and help from Cupcakes of Hope in the form of transport and food money, Alesandro pulled through.

Alesandro is a very quiet kid who places a high value on honesty and can’t stand rudeness or disrespect. Those are all qualities that will be a big help when he achieves his dreams of becoming a lawyer. Until then he loves playing games on his PlayStation, playing soccer and enjoying his favourite seafood and burgers.

You can also help kids like Alesandro by simply purchasing a Giant Muffin at any Mugg & Bean during the month of September. For every muffin sold, we donate R5 to Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer who do the incredible job of supporting these kids and their families.

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