In January 2018, the Hari family received the news that Kajal had been diagnosed with nephroblastoma (cancer of the kidney). Her mom, Judy, remembers how difficult it was to see her 2 year old daughter sick and not being able to do anything to help her. And to put even more pressure on the family, all this was happening while Kajal’s brother was starting his first year of school.

After a gruelling 10 months of treatment, we’re happy to say that Kajal is now in remission! Cupcakes of Hope assisted the family financially with money for transport, as Judy had been forced to stop working in order to care for her daughter. They also helped treat Kajal to a very special birthday party to lift her spirits and she’s very thankful for the many toys she received.

Now that the ordeal is behind the family and Kajal is in remission, she can focus on what’s important: being a kid. She’s a huge animal lover and her big dream is to one day become a vet. In the meantime, she adores Peppa Pig and has loads of fun making mud cakes in the garden, and her mom loves seeing her enjoying her childhood.

Make sure you purchase a Giant Muffin from any Mugg & Bean during the month of September to automatically donate R5 to Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer.

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