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Our 2018 winter menu

May 9th, 2018

The Mugg & Bean kitchen prides itself on being innovative, taking its inspiration from international trends and seasonal flavours. With the launch of our winter menu you can be certain that we’ll be serving up some great new tastes that are sure to become future favourites.

Here’s what you can expect:

New to Bottomless

We’re extending our bottomless coffee range with two new additions. Our Guatemala Single Origin is a medium roast that has a lingering taste of decadent chocolate, while our African Blend is a full body medium roast with taste notes of green apple, sweet stone fruits and dark chocolate.

New to our bottomless cold drinks is Wildberry Fizz. In line with botanical trends, its sweet and tart flavour will definitely appeal to more mature and sophisticated palates. In short, it has a sparkling personality and looks as good as it tastes.

Southern Deep-fried Onion Rings

Deep-fried Onion Rings might seem like a common side in this day and age, but ours take their inspiration from the South in the USA, where deep-fried foods are a time-honoured tradition and recipes have been perfected over generations.

The Mugg & Bean twist? We serve ours with ranch dressing and sriracha, which adds a whole new level of flavour!

Feta & Pepper Aubergine Roll-Ups

Think of this as a salad served in sushi form. Taking its inspiration from the Greek isles, our Feta & Pepper Aubergine Roll-Ups are the perfect light lunch or starter for those who enjoy a fresh, hands-on eating experience.

Folded Fillers

Wraps have become a necessity on every menu, but we didn’t want to serve up more of the same.

So for those who love all things wraps, try our Folded Fillers. More substantial than your average wrap, these artisanal flat breads come with a range of delicious fillings to chose from and are sure to become every wrapper’s delight.

Chickpea, Spinach & Egg-free mayo Toasted Sandwich

Perfect for vegetarians, vegans or those looking to enjoy an energy packed meat -free meal. Definitely a healthy choice, there are taste similarities between this new addition and our classic Chicken Mayonnaise.

Halloumi Fries

Halloumi is a South African favourite and we serve ours, not as bricks, but as delicate fries. Bite size cheesy goodness. Can we get a ‘Yum’?

Chicken Liver Croissant

Our Chipotle Chicken Livers are a clear favourite on our menu and we felt that it was time to elevate this classic into our breakfast range. Now served on a croissant with fresh baby spinach and coriander leaves, it’s definitely going to be good morning.

Avo & Rainbow Slaw

Another colourful vegan/vegetarian option that will brighten anyone’s breakfast. The smooth flavour of the avo, mixed with that slawy crunch, plus our delectable egg-free mayo is sure to be to everyone’s taste.

Egg & Bacon Toast

Sometimes simpler is better and less is more. It’s the poached egg that adds the Mugg & Bean twist to this simple household favourite.


These Paninos are replacing our hoagies, but we’re keeping the hoagie toppings with slight adjustments. Think of this as a deliciously elevated version of a classic.

There you have it: 12 good reasons to take a seat at our table and indulge your taste buds. 12 new ways in which we’re giving you more & more.

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