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This is Anze, a Master Baker in the making! She doesn’t let her diagnosis of neuroblastoma stop her from whipping up delicious treats in the kitchen. Sometimes a bit of flour ends up outside the mixing bowl, but her mom, Ilze, loves the mess because it shows she’s having fun. Donate now so that the van Breda family can create more messy memories.

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In January 2020, Anze started experiencing severe headaches and stomach pains. Ilze recognised that these weren’t the usual growing pains a 12 year old girl would go through. She also had other signs of childhood cancer like becoming pale, loss of appetite and loss of weight.

Anze was taken to her family doctor, who examined her and felt a lump in her stomach. The doctor immediately sent Anze for an ultrasound and within minutes, they had detected a tumor. Anze was admitted to hospital that very night.

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After a CT scan, MRI scan and bone marrow biopsy was done to detect any further possible tumours, Anze started her chemotherapy.

Ilze recounted to us how difficult the treatment process was for Anze. Though she responded positively to the chemo, the journey was fraught with mood swings and anxiety attacks. That’s not to mention the fact that Anze lost her hair, which is a traumatic experience for any person, let alone a 12 year old girl.

The biggest scare for the van Breda family came when Anze was receiving surgery. While she was being put under anaesthetic, her lungs collapsed which resulted in complications. From this, she was also diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) and has required multiple blood transfusuions.

Anze’s cancer is still stage 4, but she knows that she is showing improvement and believes that God is busy healing her.

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When Cupcakes of Hope heard about Anze, they immediately stepped up to the plate and started helping the van Breda family pay for chemo treatments. But their support didn’t end there. They also helped out by sending food packages to ensure Anze was eating healthy and arranging transport to and from hospital. They also hold small-scale fundraisers to help Anze wherever help is needed.

The worst isn’t behind her yet, but Anze still loves to stay positive by singing and dancing, and of course baking. Her mom doesn’t mind when she makes a mess, because she knows even when Anze is messy, it’s still a blessing.

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