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Our generosity knows no levels and you can always expect more and more from us, even when we’re in lockdown. Find out more about our hygiene and safety practices, as well as how you can get your favourite Mugg & Bean meals conveniently and safely when our restaurants can’t be open to welcome you.


Everything we do at Mugg & Bean has always been, and always will be about YOU. In this spirit, we have heeded our President and government’s call to temporarily change how we do business in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

We are still keeping up strict safety and hygiene operating procedures to align with best practice requirements from the Health Ministry, as well as industry bodies. You can be assured that both Mugg & Bean restaurants and our delivery partners will adhere to the strictest hygiene standards and procedures all the way from receiving your order to delivery – to minimise the potential spread of the virus.

We would like to reassure you that while we continue to implement strict health, hygiene, and safety standards in our restaurants, we are taking stringent additional precautions and heightening these procedures in all our restaurants nationwide.

We’ve put posters up in all our restaurants to educate staff and customers on a proactive approach to prevention. We continue to consistently monitor the situation and are following the guidance of both local and global authorities.

Although the virus is not transmitted through food, we are working hard to put the hygiene and safety of our staff and customers first. We ask you to do the same as we fight this together!


Even though at times, you won’t be able to take a seat in our restaurants. You can still get those generous meals, freshly baked treats and much-needed coffee through various other channels including takeaway, online ordering, call and collect and kerbside delivery.

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Stay home, stay safe and let your meal come to you! You can tap on our app or order via Uber Eats and Mr D. Please note that only selected restaurants offer delivery, so it’s best to call your local M&B and
find out how they do it.

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It’s safe to come in and order at your favourite Mugg & Bean restaurant! We’ve taken all the necessary precautions and more to ensure you stay safe when you visit.

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Make your takeaway process even quicker by calling ahead to place your order. That way you won’t have to wait while we prepare it and you can pick it up when it’s ready. Find contact details for your local M&B here

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Keep moving with our quick, convenient and safe drive thru. Order, pay and collect all from the safety of your own car.

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Stay in your car and stay safe call your local M&B, place your order, and then when you come to the restaurant, we’ll direct you to a reserved parking bay and bring your order out to you.


We’ve been keeping up these health and hygiene practices since 2020 and we’re not letting our guard down any time soon.

Step Number 1


Reduced staff to limit contact and encourage social distancing

Step Number 2


All staff are screened for symptoms at the beginning of each shift

Step Number 3


Strict rules around face masks

Step Number 4


Strict hand washing and sanitation routines. All back of house staff wash every 20 minutes as well as after every time they have touched raw and cooked foods, packaging, surfaces, and going to the wash room

Step Number 5


Limited contact with delivery couriers

Step Number 6


Contactless delivery from our delivery partners, where customers can leave a note for their food to be left at their doorstep

Uber Eats Mr D

For a list of our restaurants that are open for delivery through our valued delivery partners



1. What is Mugg & Bean doing to prevent COVID-19 spread?

  • We have implemented hand sanitising for all customers.
  • Staff are trained to wash hands for 20 seconds at least every 20 minutes.
  • Hand sanitiser is utilised regularly.
  • Operations teams are conducting checks to ensure operational standards are implemented, especially regarding COVID-19 high risk areas.
  • COVID-19 training programmes have been launched for staff members.

2. Can COVID-19 be transmitted through food?

The virus is not a food safety threat and is not transmitted through food. We do, however, maintain stringent hygiene practices in the kitchens.

4. What protocols does the restaurant follow when a staff member becomes ill with suspected COVID-19?

  • Staff members are monitored daily upon start of shift or before shift changes, and records are kept.
  • When staff members are feeling unwell or showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 they are instructed to stay at home and quarantined until symptoms have cleared.

5. How do all restaurants make sure that their workplace is clean and hygienic?

  • Cleaning schedules are followed daily.
  • All food contact surfaces are cleaned and washed, as and when necessary.
  • During and/or immediately after the handling of food so that the contamination of food that comes into contact with any such surface is prevented.

6. Why are staff not wearing gloves?

  • We deliberately do not promote the use of gloves. This drives strict personal hygiene practices in all brands supported by the business’s Food Safety policies.

7. Are staff members using surgical facial masks in order to prevent the spreading the coronavirus?

  • Use of masks by staff members is not promoted as this will be seen as promoting unfit staff members to report for duty.
  • Staff members are trained to follow the correct procedures relating to sneezing and coughing:
  • 1. Covering mouth when coughing

    2. Using the elbow to cover the nose when sneezing and not greeting each other by means of handshakes or hugs.

8. Do restaurants provide hand sanitisers for customer use?

  • We have advised all restaurants to provide hand sanitser to customers.
  • Staff members are trained to follow the correct procedures relating to sneezing and coughing:

9. Why are there guest registers?

Kindly note that all guests are required to complete a register, which includes information such as name, address, next of kin, ID number etc. This will only be used for the purpose of contact tracing at the request of health officials.

10. Will restaurants change trading hours?

Some restaurants have and will be changing their hours of operation. We suggest checking with each individual restaurant either by telephone or using social media platforms such as Facebook.

11.What are the rules about serving liquour?

As the rules around liquor consumption are constantly changing, please refer to the latest government regulations for more information.

12. What is the rule about the number of people in a restaurant?

When we are open for sit-down dining, we have a limit of no more than 50 guests and staff in our restaurants at one time. This is managed in-store and we have enforced social distance precautions with regards to seating. It is still the same great food, just with a fewer people!

Please continue to stay safe and demonstrate the spirit of generosity that we know you share with us.

The Mugg Team