The story behind the drinks: Coconut Milk Shakes

altAs told by Mokgadi
Pistachio Spoons
Red Leaves

“This decadent & delectable treat is perfect for summer.”

“The coconut cream is in perfect balance with the luscious pistachio.”

Red Hibiscus
Coconut Cream Mobile

“Watching the tide come in at noon & go down as the sun transforms the day into incredible beach sunsets.”

Red Leaves
“Incredible flavours that transport me to a beach hammock on Pemba Island, in Zanzibar.” Pistachio Flavour White Chocolate Flavour Coconut Flavour
Oat Milk Flavour Coconut Cream Flavour

“My happy, cool place on a summer’s day.”

Pistachio Chocolate with a pink circle
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Chocolate Coconut Milk Shake Heading
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