The story behind the dish: Red Lentil & Coconut Soup As told by Chef Mokgadi

Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Red Lentil Soup Heading As told by Mokgadi
Soup pot with oven mitts and soup ladle

“Dhal or lentils featured prominently in winter soups that my granny and mom used to make. She would make red dhal with beef soup, or dhal with potatoes and kidney beans curry, served with dombolo bread.”

Red lentils in bowl with wooden spoon
Flour and Cocoa Powder

“The richness and creaminess of the lentils, with the cumin and turmeric spices, and dombolo bread always evoke nostalgic comfort food memories.”

Coconut cream with fresh herbs and spices
“I created this soup as homage to the dhal soup my granny made, and I added the coconut milk to add a creamy finish to the soup.”
Red Lentil Ingredient Coconut Cream Ingredient Mortar and pestle
Baby spinach leavesCoconut Cream

“The soup is topped with baby spinach to add more texture and freshness.”

Smashed Chickpea Mayo
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Red lentil soup heading
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Chef Mokgadi preparing veggie burger