Veg Rosti Plant-based Breakfast Unpacked

Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Veg rosti text As told by Mokgadi

“Ugogo always used to say that earthy flavours can have so much substance.

Tomatoes, Brocolli, Mushrooms, lemon
Carrots Tomatoes, Brocolli, Mushrooms, lemon Earthly Flavours

“This inspired me to come up with a twist on the classic Rosti: A Mushroom, Pickled Tomato & Pea Pesto Rosti.”

“The earthy meatiness of the mushrooms paired with the zingy, tart surprise of the pickled tomatoes & topped with a delightful pea pesto is a match made in heaven.”
Mushrooms Garlic Pickled Cherry Tomatoes
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“The textures and flavours when combined in your mouth make for a taste explosion you won’t soon forget. Yum.”

Veg rosti on a plate
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Strawberry Hibiscus Heading
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Chef Mokgadi mixing a chilled drink