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More and more self-care: match your Mugg & your manicure

August 23rd, 2022

This Women’s Month we’re all about self-care. In our world, self-care looks something like this: a day free of errands or tasks, where you can just do you. A day to go get a manicure, chill out and unwind at your local M&B, and enjoy a meal and drink that matches your fresh set of nails.

Enjoy some self-care & WIN a R200 voucher

We love a trend, so when we noticed a trend starting on our Instagram page we knew we had to jump on the bandwagon too. We saw that our followers were matching their Mugg & Bean drinks and meals to their manicures. Now we want to see your matching Muggs & Manis too!

Snap a photo of your nails with a complimentary meal or drink, upload it to your Instagram with #MuggMani and tag us for a chance to WIN one of two R200 vouchers!

Matching Muggs & Manicure ideas

Need some inspiration to get you started? Here are some our top recommendations for our breakfast, brunch and lunch meals, plus drinks. So, go on and make a perfect aesthetic match with the trendiest nail colours right now.

Red Nails
Classic, classy and always on-trend, a rich red shade of nail polish will never be out of place when paired with our Famous Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup. Enjoy it while unwinding at one of our sit-down restaurants and get a toasted white, wholewheat or rye mozzarella sandwich on the side for dipping.

Brown & Tan Nails
Brown nail polish has become more and more popular over the past 2 years. We think any shade of brown, tan, beige or even deep mahogany goes perfectly with your favourite coffee – whether you like a creamy Cappuccino or a black Americano.

Yellow Nails
For those who want to make a bold statement with their manicures, yellow nails are sure to be noticed. We can’t think of anything better than eggs to match your daring yellow nail polish. Try our delicious Eggs Benedict options with creamy Hollandaise sauce to match your mani.

Purple Nails
If you love accessorising with purple nail polish, you’ll love our matching Mixed Berry Smoothie. The natural colours of the berries really make a manicure pop!

How to enjoy self-care at your local M&B

Our sit-down restaurants are designed to help you unwind. With a relaxing, warm ambience, discreet and friendly staff, an extensive menu of light café-style meals, Bottomless coffee and cold drinks, and complimentary Wi-Fi, it’s a place where you can while away the hours and enjoy more of what matters to you. Once you’ve visited your favourite nail bar, come and relax at your favourite M&B and stay as long as you like with a Mugg that matches your mani.

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