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With the Mugg & Bean Generosity app, you know you’ll always get more and more. Not only will you earn cash-back rewards with every visit, there are also a host of other perks that you could be enjoying. It’s much more than your average customer rewards program thanks to these features.

Rewards Beans

Beans are our own cash back rewards. You’ll earn Beans with any and all purchases at any and all Mugg & Bean restaurants or Mugg & Bean On-The-Move. To collect your Beans, just use the app to scan the QR code on your bill. Your Beans will be added to your balance, so that you can use them to pay for your favourites and settle your bill.

Rewards Beans
Complementary Cake

Cake & Coffee

Yes, you did read that correctly. With our loyalty app you get M&B goodies on us. Every year on your birthday, check your app for a special reward. Just to say happy birthday, you get a generous slice of any one of our decadent cakes.

We’ll also reward you with a complimentary Easy Cappuccino just for downloading the app. Once you’ve signed up and registered, you’ll notice that your Bean balance is already at 250 Beans, which you can use to redeem your Easy Cappuccino.

Special Offers Just for You

It’s not just coffee and cake you’ll get on us. Check the Special Offers section on our app to find vouchers for our Bottomless hot and cold beverages. The only question that remains is: What are you going to snack on while you sip the day away?

Special offers from our app
Kerbside Delivery & Collection

No Contact Payments

No Contact service is all the rage right now, but we’ve been doing it for quite some time already on the Generosity app. Simply link your bank card in the app to make payments directly from your phone – no need to struggle with finding a card or counting cash! We’re doing more to ensure your health and safety every time you visit a Mugg & Bean restaurant or On-The-Move. We’re following all the protocols around masks, hand washing and social distancing so you can enjoy our generosity with peace of mind.

Download the App Now

The Mugg & Bean Generosity app is available on both the Apple App and Google Play stores. Whether you’re an OS or Android person, you can still enjoy all the generosity Mugg & Bean has to offer. Make sure you turn on your location services, so that you can use the restaurant locator and enable notifications, so that we can let you know about our special offers.

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