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#MyMuggTable - Get Your Photos Featured

Does your Mugg & Bean meal look too good to eat without snapping a photo first? Was the plating just so perfect you couldn’t resist capturing it for the ‘Gram? Was your latte art a masterpiece? We want to see it! Small heart

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Share all the beautiful photos you took on your visit to one of our Sit-Down or On-The-Move restaurants on your socials. We know you’re going to get more likes than usual with them!

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Make sure that we see your posts by using #MyMuggTable. It’s our own unique hashtag that no other restaurants use (we hope!). You can also tag our profile in your photos. Use @ mugg_and_bean on Instagram, @MuggandBeanSA on Facebook, and @Mugg_and_Bean on Twitter.

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If your photography skills are on point, we’ll share your pic to our timeline too. Of course, we will credit you and tag your profile in our post so that others can also check out your feed.

Unfortunately, we cannot share every single photo tagged, so make yours stand out! Keep your photos simple and keep them stunning. Small heart

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