New menu with more new flavours to try

As we head into winter, we’ve updated our menu with new season dishes, hot drinks, and sweet treats.

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We also chatted to the people behind all these inspired new flavour innovations for some interesting facts and thoughts about our new bagels, vegan breakfast, hot drinks, sausage roll, and vegetarian sandwich.


There’s a new Bottomless filter coffee to try! We love single origin coffees because of their fantastic consistency in flavour from cup to cup. This is because all the beans are grown in a single region under the same conditions. Our latest single origin coffee comes all the way from Brazil, and you’ll notice tasting notes of nuts and tropical fruit from your first sip. Those flavours pair perfectly with our NEW freshly baked Coconut Fruit Tart, so order a slice and another cup to enjoy with it.

Single Origin Brazil Bottomless coffee range
Vegan Fry Up


Skip the meat and start your day with a vegan breakfast. Our NEW Vegan Fry Up offers the indulgence of a traditional fry-up breakfast in a healthier package. Plus, it comes with shakshuka sauce for an extra spicy kick.

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Question for our chefs: ‘How do you ensure that a vegan breakfast tastes just as delicious as one with eggs and meat?’

Answer: ‘We put just as much love and care into all our dishes, no matter the ingredients.’



Bagels have become more and more popular over the past few years, and we’re proud to bring you this latest trend. Our NEW Breakfast Bagel is available to go from On-The-Move, but you can also enjoy it, and more new bagel flavours, at our sit-down restaurants.

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Question for our chefs: ‘How is a bagel different from a regular bun?’

Answer: ‘Bagels are baked differently. First, we shape and boil the dough, then bake it. This results in a chewy texture and a thicker crust.’

Breakfast Bagel
Roasted Veg Bagel
Roasted Cauliflower Soup



Warm up this winter with our NEW Roasted Cauliflower Soup. This time we’re serving it with a buttered and toasted bagel that’s perfect for dipping. BUT, if you’re a Discovery Vitality member and you want to earn cashback rewards, you can swop the bagel for toasted wholewheat or rye bread.

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Question for our chefs: ‘So, what exactly is dukkah and how does it elevate the taste of cauliflower soup?’

Answer: ‘Dukkah is a Middle Eastern blend of spices and nuts. The warm spice flavour enhances the earthy and creamy notes of the cauliflower soup for more enjoyment.’

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There’s nothing better than a fresh pastry pie when you’re looking for lunch on the run. Our NEW Asian BBQ Beef Mince & Veg Sausage Roll is great for enjoying while you get your other tasks done – just don’t mess any of the flaky pastry!

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Question for our chefs: ‘What inspired the flavour profile of this delicious sausage roll that was made to go?’

Answer: ‘This was inspired by Korean BBQ cooking where they grill thin beef strips, basted with a sweet, gingery BBQ sauce and pair the meat with fresh crunchy vegetables like cabbage and carrot.’

Sausage Roll



One of the most-loved flavours right now has to be salted caramel. Think of our NEW Hot Salted Caramel as a sweeter alternative to Hot Chocolate. It’s available to go from On-The-Move or you can stay and enjoy it at a sit-down restaurant.

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Question for our chefs: ‘Why do salt and caramel go together so well?’

Answer: ‘It’s all in the contrast of salt and sweet. Just enough salt enhances the flavour of the caramel, making it even more delicious. You can also add a pinch of salt to chocolate for a more bold flavour.’

Salted caramel coffee for sit down or takeaway



Time to treat yourself! Pop in to your nearest On-The-Move and discover your new favourite Sweet Square flavour. They come in 4 varieties and you’ll definitely want more and more of them.

OTM Pecan Nut Blocks & takeaway coffee
OTM Pecan Nut Blocks

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Question for our chefs: ‘What do you think the best time of day to indulge in a Sweet Square is?’

Answer: ‘Any time you’re craving a sweet treat! They’re particularly good as an afternoon pick-me-up paired with an Easy Cappuccino.’


Now that you’ve read all about it, come and experience our new dishes at your local Mugg & Bean.

And remember, if you snap any stunning pics of your tasty food, upload them to social media with #MyMuggTable so we can share them on our Stories.

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