Our 2018 Summer menu

October 24th, 2018

The colder seasons have come and gone and everyone’s had their fill of stews and soups. Now we’re hungry for those summer flavours and the new Mugg & Bean Menu will definitely leave you with a taste for more.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

A Smooth Start

Those who want to start the season on a health kick will love our new smoothies!

There are four delicious flavours to choose from, namely Spinach, Mint & Chia, Mixed Berry, Orange and Peanut Butter & Banana and all of them are made with fresh fruits and vegetables. No added sugars, syrups or powders make this the health conscious choice.

A Great Combination

What do you get when you combine a cappuccino and chai steamer? A Dirty Chai Cappuccino! This hot drink has gained a massive global following and has certainly earned its place on the Mugg & Bean roastery page.

Crème de la Crème

Also new to our hot drinks menu is the Caffè Crème, an Americano served with pouring cream. Different and rich, a Caffè Crème is ideal for banting fans or for those who simply want to indulge.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

Our Rancheros Omelette is an old favourite with a new twist. In essence, it’s Mexican nachos or a burrito breakfast without the nachos or burritos. It has a spicy kick, but nothing overwhelming, and is plated in a beautifully rustic way.

Be Bowled Over

Eggs Benedict is a clear Mugg & Bean favourite, enjoyed throughout the day. With this in mind, we created The Benedict Bowl, which replaces the traditional English Muffin with cous cous tossed with cherry tomatoes and spinach.

It still features our hollandaise sauce, but also makes use of a delicious avocado & basil pesto to really bring the flavours together.

A South African Favourite

Choose your toast and have it topped with bacon, avo, feta and mozzarella. Yes, this is one of South Africa’s favourite flavour combinations, which is why it deserves a place on our menu.

To ensure this is the best Toasted Bacon, Feta, Mozzarella & Avo you’ll ever have, all of the ingredients have been carefully selected and even the toast is buttered with real farm-style butter!

But Wait, There’s More!

Considering the popularity of the bacon, avo and feta combination, we thought we would also add it to burger section of our menu. Our Avo, Bacon & Feta Burger is sure become an instant classic! We’ve also given all of our burgers a makeover from both a look and taste perspective! Thanks to a new build and burger sauce, the taste of more is in every bite!

Come Hungry

For those looking for a big eat, we’ve got the Sweet Spicy Wings with BBQ Rump. Our coated Buffalo wings are deep-fried and covered in our hot splash sauce and our BBQ rump is generously basted and grilled. This delicious and filling dish is served with your choice of M&B’s rosemary-salted or sweet potato fries or a side salad.

New to Bottomless

Imagine a blend of blood orange, lime and ginger ale. Now imagine you could enjoy this vibrantly colourful and wonderfully refreshing concoction in Bottomless quantities. Well, now you can, but only at Mugg & Bean, of course.

Keep it Cool

Summer slushies are nothing new, but there have been some new and exotic flavours that have emerged over the last couple of years. Our Blood Orange, Honey & Basil Slush draws its inspiration from the exotic side of slush-making and is bold in both taste and colour. Made with fresh basil and whole blood oranges, it’s a drink with a difference, perfect for those hotter days.

There you have it, a menu filled with generous summer flavours waiting to be enjoyed!

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