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Tell Us About the Strong Women in Your Life

At Mugg & Bean, we believe you don’t have to look far to find women who serve as a source of inspiration. These kinds of women aren’t confined to boardrooms, science labs, and classrooms. They can be found in your living room, community centre, or office. And we believe you shouldn’t be the only one who knows about their generosity; the rest of the world could learn a thing or two from the example they set.

This Women’s Month, we’d like to hear about the exceptional women in your life. Nominate an inspiring woman in your community so that they can

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from Mugg & Bean. Fill out the form below to nominate your heroine.

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Once you’ve nominated your local hero, fill in your details and click submit.

Let’s keep supporting women!

Strong communities are filled with strong women. Think about the different kinds of women who keep society going: The mothers who bring us into the world, the community leaders who serve as a voice for the vulnerable, or the industry leaders who inspire little girls to dream big.

How Strong Women Shape Society

Throughout history, women have been a central part of ensuring the stability, progress, and long-term development of their communities. While they’ve done these in different capacities, there are four kinds of women who have been key to the development of countries, continents, and the world at large.

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In almost every corner of the world, women are the primary caretakers of children and the elderly. Women guide children into adulthood and often help the elderly enjoy their golden years as comfortably as possible. Without them, childhood would be filled with confusion and old age would be unbearable.

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Think back to your schooldays. How many of your teachers were women? We’re willing to bet a Famous Giant Muffin that most of the faces that greeted you when you stepped into class belonged to women. Even at crèches, most of the people who work tirelessly to lay the foundation of lifelong learning are women.

Working Woman
Employees & Entrepreneurs

The workforce and business world would be nothing without women. Besides the skills they bring, women who venture into male-dominated industries bring to life a truth we often take for granted: There’s no cap on success. Each one of us is an asset with something of value to bring to the table. Do not limit yourself to the expectations of others, and the world becomes your oyster.

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Behind the Woman heading


We raise a cup to the women who lead Mugg & Bean. To all our managers, we see you and we thank you.

Annah Maite

Annah has been with Mugg & Bean Centurion for 7 years, and is doing a great job of keeping a finger and an eye on all operations on the floor.

Qoshile Banda

Qoshile is a Manager at Mugg & Bean Irene. Nothing gets past this manager! She is always on the ball and ready to surprise & delight her customers.

Nomvuyo Tula

Nomvuyo is a Manager at Mugg & Bean Atterbury. Franchisee’s right-hand woman, taking care of business and making sure quality and service is always delivered! She has been in the establishment for almost 6 years now. Working her way from the kitchen to the top, and doing a great job of it.


We raise a cup to the women who lead their teams on the ground, giving you more and more every time you visit. To all our franchisees, we see you and we thank you.

Sarie Van Der Spuy

This Iron woman has been a Franchisee at Mugg & Bean since 2009 and nothing gets past her! From being a local celebrity and being on the frontline in all 3 of her franchises she has with Famous Brands. Nothing is too much effort for her. Customer service and customer experience is always top priority, and she knows her customers by name. Iron Woman is the only way to describe her!

Maryke Neizel

Maryke is a Franchisee of Total Courtenay. She is a hands-on Franchisee with the best heart for her staff and customers. Her patience and willingness to ensure staff and customers are satisfied is phenomenal.


We raise a cup to the women who provide that generous service you expect from Mugg & Bean. To all our waitresses, we see you and we thank you.

Busi Mahlangu

Busi is a Waiter at Mugg & Bean Irene. She is one of the strongest waiters, always on point with service and customer experience.

Lucy Vuma

Customer experience and service is top of the list at Polokwane (Savannah Mall), with frontline women like Lucy working the floor as a Waiter, and making sure it is a smooth operation.

Lilian Kagogoda

Lilian is from M&B Maitland LS. A hardworking Supervisor that is not afraid to assist in every section of the restaurant, at any given time!


We raise a cup to the women who prepare every generous meal, bake every muffin and perfectly pour every cup of coffee. To all our chefs, bakers and baristas, we see you and we thank you.

Beauty Mogano

Beauty is a Baker at Mugg & Bean Woodlands Woodhill -–baking is not a job, it is a love. She makes sure all cakes, muffins, and cookies are made with precision and perfection.

Mpho Tshisevhe

Mpho has been with Mugg & Bean Centurion for 2 years now, and is enjoying making the best coffee every day for her customers. She is a perfectionist and won’t let anything leave her station until she has made sure it is perfect.

Phumzile Ndlovu

Phumzile is a Baker at Mugg & Bean Mall@Reds – with the best skill and knowledge to bake the best cakes there is! This baker has perfected her craft and is loving it.

Reneilwe Makobe

Reneilwe is a Barista at Mugg & Bean Woodlands Woodhill – she makes dedication and hard work look easy. Her passion and love for the coffee makes drinking her cappuccino’s magical.

Tshepiso Khumalo

Tshepiso is a Barista at Mugg & Bean Mall@Reds – always making sure the customer gets the best coffee there is, and is always doing it with a smile.

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.”

Serena Williams, Athlete

“Passion opens doors even when such doors are invisible and look like brick walls.”

Thuli Madonsela, South African advocate & former Public Protector