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Treat yourself to more and more self-care

August 1th, 2022

The needs of everyday life can sometimes make you forget about the most important thing: yourself. You’re constantly running around doing this and that and rarely ever get some downtime to just unwind.

This Women’s Month at Mugg & Bean we’re reminding you to take some time to treat yourself to more and more self-care. We’re always making sure that our restaurants are the perfect escape for you. From our friendly staff who are always ready to assist at your own convenience without making you feel bombarded, to the alluring aroma of our coffees, freshly baked Giant Muffins and decadent cakes.

Be part of our Women’s Month reading club

Escaping the chaos of everyday life is a self-care gift you need to always give yourself. Reading a good book over a good cup of coffee is one such pleasure. Sometimes the book is so good and impossible to put down that it needs a Bottomless coffee to go with it. To celebrate Women’s Month, we’re sharing a selection of books that’ll help you escape to other worlds and futures written by great South African female authors, for you to enjoy as part of your self-care downtime.

A classic pairing.

Published in in the 80’s, Nadine Gordimer’s, July’s People is a science fiction novel that explores an alternate future for South Africa. The book has been met with a lot of controversy in the past, but controversy is part of everyday life in our country. Nadine Gordimer is truly one of the most inspiring and great women in our history.

A classic read deserves a classic food pairing. Enjoy it over brunch with our Classic Breakfast, which includes a serving of two eggs, honey-glazed back bacon, grilled tomato, a hash brown and rosemary-salted skin-on fries. Then, spoil yourself with one of our generous Double Thick Milkshakes while you finish those last few chapters.

A truly South African Twist

A book that will surely tug at your heart strings, Invisible Strings is a fiction novel by the newly famous South African author Naledi Mashishi. The book follows the story of Mamokgethi Pule and the discovery of her daughter Thato’s incredible powers.

A book with as many twists as this pairs perfectly with our new twist to the Eggs Benedict breakfast: the South African Eggs Benedict. You might be tempted to read it all in one go, which is probably why it would be a good idea to treat yourself to a Bottomless coffee as well.

Who’s who in the Zoo

Living in South Africa does at times feel a little chaotic. In the book Zoo City, world-renowned South African woman writer Lauren Beukes speaks on the crime of our country and reimagines the punishment for these crimes. This book was awarded with the Arthur C. Clarke prize, a prestigious British science fiction award. It will surely take you on a journey that is out of this world.

Relax and enjoy it with our generous South African Farm Breakfast, including a serving of two eggs the way you like them, back bacon, a hash brown, grilled tomato and boerewors topped with tomato chutney. Why not treat yourself to one of our Hot Chocolate Specialties too? Go on, you deserve it.

Come enjoy more and more self-care at your local Mugg & Bean

Celebrate this Women’s Month by treating yourself to the gift of self-care at a Mugg & Bean near you. If you already have a book club, you and your ladies can come in for brunch and chat about it in the company of the inspirational women you’re honored to call friends.

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