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Your Winter Food Pairing Takeaway Guide

The best things In life come In pairs

Mugg & Bean's burgers & fries, our back bacon & egg toasted sandwich, or our beef & mushroom pot pie are just a few examples that come to mind. There's another pair that works just as well these: Winter & warm meals.

Tell us below which meal and drink you think create the perfect winter pairing for a chance to WIN your own M&B Travel Mugg.

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Does this sound familiar to you? The weatherman has forecasted single-digit temperatures for the entire week, with a bit of rainfall & even snowfall in some parts of the country. But even if you missed the daily weather reports, the biting wind & overcast skies gave it away: Winter’s in full swing. So, you do what most people would; burrow into throw blankets, plant yourself next to a heater, & pile on layers of thick clothing.

That’s not the only way to stay warm, though. A good meal from Mugg & Bean works just as well. Here’s a list of food pairing takeaways to enjoy during wintertime.

A Giant Muffin & Hot Chocolate

Close your eyes & imagine a freshly baked Giant Muffin in your favourite flavour. Now open your eyes to order online from a Mugg & Bean near you. There’s nothing better than biting into a still-warm baked treat. Unless, of course, you pair it with an indulgent cup of Hot Chocolate (available in dairy and vegan options).

Giant Muffin with Hot Choc
Breakfast Bagel & An Americano
Our restaurant breakfast bagel is made differently, but just as deliciously
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Breakfast Bagel & an Americano

Coffee & breakfast are like fine wine & cheese: They're great on their own, but even better together. But not all breakfast & coffee pairings were made equally. It’s one thing to grab a convenient breakfast, but it’s another to enjoy a generous meal, made to go. Our Breakfast Bagel is perfect for eating on the run and what better to go with it than a no-nonsense Americano? When you’re in a rush, you don’t have time for frothy milk.

Mediterranean Veg sandwich & Red Cappuccino®

You can't talk about winter comfort foods without mentioning a toasted sandwich. Some might argue that there's no way a toasted sandich could get any better, but that's only because they haven't enjoyed it with our Red Cappuccino®. Rooibos tea topped with frothy milk is the only drink worth having when you're ordering our Mediterranean Veg Toasted Sandwich.

Our restaruant version is a tasty open sandwich
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Mediterranean Veg sandwich & Red Cappuccino
Also enjoy with a Triple Chocolate Brownie from our On-The-Move stores
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Rich Chocolate Cake Latte

Rich Chocolate Cake & Caffè Latte

It's never a bad idea to satisfy your sweet tooth, especially when the weather's got you down. So, what do you order when you need a pick-me-up takeaway or delivery? Our Rich Chocolate Cake or Triple Chocolate Brownie & a Caffè Latte, of course. Anyone who's had our chocolate coke or chocolate brownie doesn't need to be convinced of its indulgent goodness. Pair it with the creamy texture of a Caffè Latte, and you've got everything you need for a well-deserved treat.

You don’t have to hibernate to keep yourself warm. Tuck into our winter warmers to keep the cold at bay.

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