How to Make
Gigantic Choc Chip Cookies

Mugg & Bean is home of generosity and that means big-big portions, big-big cake slices and, of course, big-big cookies. You can use this choc chip cookie recipe to make 28 giant cookies, or about 100 smaller cookies.

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This recipe makes a big-big batch of cookies. You can reduce the recipe by half for a smaller batch with the same generous taste.

1.25kg butter

750g brown sugar

750 white sugar

6x large eggs

1.7kg self-raising flour

1kg chocolate chips

Generously Gigantic Choc Chip Cookies Method

  1. Cream together the butter, brown and white sugar until soft and pale in colour
  2. Add eggs and mix well into the mixture
  3. Add sifted flour and mix
  4. Add chocolate chips and mix in with a spoon
  5. Roll out the dough and cut into circles approximately 19cm in diameter – each biscuit should weigh 200g
  6. Bake on a greased oven tray in a pre-heated oven on 160°C for 30–35 minutes
  7. Allow to cool and store in your favourite cookie jar
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These Cookies Are Made To Share

The best way to enjoy our generously gigantic choc chip cookies is with family and friends. Snap a photo of yourself sharing your cookies and remember to tag @mugg_and_bean – we may feature your photo in our Stories!

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