The story behind the drinks: Coconut Milk Shakes As told by Chef Mokgadi

Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Chocolate coconut milkshake banner As told by Mokgadi

“A delicious treat that takes me back to family outings to catch a movie at the Dollhouse drive-in.”

Mokgadi Family
Chocolate Pieces

“We would stuff our faces with juicy blondies, chips & shakes.”

Chocolate and coconut powder

“Coconut cream & oat milk are amazingly versatile, 100% plant-based ingredients.”

Coconut flakes and coconut cream in a jug
“The chocolate shake at the end always felt like a perfect ending to an incredible outing.”
Coco Powder Flavour Coconut Cream Flavour Syrup Flavour
Coconut Cream Flavour Oat Milk Flavour

“Just one sip and I’m right back at the drive-in.”

Chocolate Coconut Milk Shake
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Summer nourish salad
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