Spicy Beans on Toast Plant-based Breakfast Unpacked

Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Spicy Beans on Toast text As told by Mokgadi

“Beans are plants of the future. They introduce nitrogen into the soil so they’re good for our health & great for the earth.”

A bowl of uncooked, colorful mixed beans Good for Health
A frying pan with wooden spoon Delivered with Love

“Umama used to make beans on toast every Sunday morning. It’s a dish that makes you feel full, like a hug. She made them with tomatoes, chilli gravy & love.”

“We use a scrumptious four-bean mix & lovingly stew them in tomato, spicy paprika, cumin & cayenne pepper to add a zingy bite.”
Paprika Ginger Mortar and pestle
Kidney Beans Buttered Toast Tray of 6 fresh eggs Pea Pesto

“The new spicy bean toast is definitely here to impress. Satisfying & extremely good for you – Hmmmmmmm!

Spicy beans on toast
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