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Childhood Cancer Can't Keep Mia Lee from Making Sweet Memories

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Meet Mia-Lee, a 2-year-old girl who just loves baking and decorating her creations with ALL the sprinkles. Her mom, Lezhanne, and her dad, Jhean, discovered last year that Mia-Lee had stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Since then, their lives have been turned upside down, but Mia-Lee’s passion for baking hasn’t slowed down at all. Donate now, so that they can make more sweet (and slightly messy) memories together.

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Being a toddler who’d just taken her first steps and started discovering the world, Mia-Lee was very active. When Lezhanne and Jhean noticed that she was starting to lose mobility, they acted quickly and got Mia-Lee to their local hospital as soon as possible.

Two hospital visits later over 2 days, the parents had been told twice that Mia-Lee had nothing worse than constipation. On the third day, they took Mia-Lee to a paediatrician who ran some tests and diagnosed her with neuroblastoma.

Getting a second or, in this case, a third opinion really can save lives.

The family had cause to celebrate again on 1 January 2021. After months of chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, physiotherapy, and a spinal decompression surgery, Mia-Lee got up again and took her first steps for the second time in her life. At that moment, Lezhanne and Jhean knew that 2021 would be a good year for their family.

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Cupcakes of Hope came to the rescue when the family was least expecting it. While in hospital, Mia-Lee received a package from them totally out of the blue. That’s how Lezhanne was introduced to her new Cupcakes of Hope family. She has been overwhelmed by the love and support she has received from the team.

This amazing charity not only helps families with their day-to-day needs, but gives even more of what truly matters: The type of things you can’t put a price tag on. They’re a shoulder to cry on and an empathetic ear to listen.

Since being introduced to Cupcakes of Hope, Lezhanne has become a fully-fledged Cupcake Angel herself. This family is committed to raising as much awareness as they can about childhood cancer. They even hold their own fundraisers for Cupcakes of Hope every month and, of course, Mia-Lee helps with baking the cupcakes! Find out how you can bake a difference too on the Cupcakes of Hope website.

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This is an active and adventurous family who love being outdoors. From playing in the park nearby, to weekends at the dam to get away from it all, it’s family time that they cherish above all else. Her dad is most eager to take her to the beach for the first time! Until that day, she’ll be baking cupcakes with mom and making sweet memories with her family.

Donate now so that more families can have more first times at the beach.

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