Meet the Naickers

Twins with Childhood Cancer Bring Courage to Canvas

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Last year, you met twins Nikita and Trinity, and their mom, Monique. We’re happy to say that Nikita is still in remission from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and that Trinity is progressing well, with a hope that she can have her tracheostomy removed by the end of the year. As always, these 8-year-old girls are mad about anything art-related. Donate now, so that they can put more art up on the fridge door.

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Meet the NaickersMeet the NaickersMeet the Naickers
Nikita behind bubbles
Nikita painting a heart
Nikita painting a rainbow


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The Naicker family’s path started even before Nikita and Trinity were born. Their mom, Monique, was diagnosed with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, a rare pregnancy condition that affects twins. Due to this, they were born premature. Nikita weighed 1.2kg and Trinity was a mere 800g.

Nikita seemed healthy, but it was Trinity who had difficulty breathing – resulting in her having to have a tracheostomy tube inserted in her neck. Monique put on a brave face and took up her new role as, in her own words, a ‘medical parent’. When Trinity turned 7 and was due to have the tube removed, the doctors diagnosed Nikita with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Monique remembers asking: “Why me? Why again? When is my break with my family going to come?”. She cried out and screamed out her anger, but she knew that she had to be brave for her twin girls. With new determination, the family set out to fight Nikita’s cancer together.

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Your donations to Cupcakes of Hope help with so many things that families need: Transport to hospital, airtime so that parents can call their doctors, healthy foods for kids receiving chemotherapy; but they help even more with the emotional side of the journey. For Monique, just knowing that she could – and still can – call anybody at Cupcakes of Hope and they’ll help in whatever way needed. From co-paying a medical bill to just being there to listen.

More than that, they’ve worked to raise awareness for kids with tracheostomies, like Trinity.

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Even with medical aid; all the therapy, blood tests, surgeries, and consultations cost a massive amount of money, and parents are left at a loss for how to pay the shortfall on everything medical aid doesn’t fully cover. Whatever amount Cupcakes of Hope can contribute to those bills, they do. The Naickers are still catching up on all the medical bills and your donations can help cover more of the costs they face.

Donate now so that more families can get the medical attention they need.

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