The story behind the dish: Strawberry, Hibiscus & Ginger Slush As told by Chef Mokgadi

Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Profile picture of chef Mokgadi
Strawberry hibiscus slush text As told by Mokgadi

“I love red hibiscus.
I discovered it in 2010. An Egyptian friend came to visit and brought some.”

Red hibiscus flower parcels Delivered with Love
Red Leaves Strawberry hibiscus drink in a tall glass with a straw

“It refreshes the senses and soul and that’s why it’s the magic ingredient in our Strawberry, Hibiscus and Ginger Slush.”

“Our strawberries are delightfully sweet and by introducing the peppery ginger we create a new zingy spiciness.” Strawberries Ginger
“But the real magic comes when you add the hibiscus with its floral, cranberry notes.”
A vibrant red hibiscus
Pink Flowers

It’s a symphony of crunchy, fruity refreshment in every sip.

Strawberry hibiscus slush in a tall glass
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